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One day a little monkey is playing by the well.
He looks in the well and shouts :
“Oh !My god! The moon has fallen into the well!”
An older monkeys runs over takes a lookand says
“Goodness me! The moon is really in the water!”
And olderly monkey comes over.
He is very surprised as well and cries out:
“The moon is in the well.”
A group of monkeys run over to the well .
They look at the moon in the well and shout:
“The moon did fall into the well!Come on!Let’get it out!”
Then the oldest monkey hangs on the tree up side down with his feet on the branch .
And he pulls the next monkey’s feet with his hands.
All the other monkeys follow his suit
And they join each other one by one down to the moon in the well.
Just before they reach the moon the oldest monkey raises his head and happens to see the moon in the sky
He yells excitedly “Don’t be so foolish! The moon is still in the sky!”


There was an archer named Geng Ying in the State of Wei. He went sightseeing with the King of Wei at Jingtai. At that time a bird was circling around in the sky uttering sad and shrill cries now and then. The King of Wei looked up at it for a while and said to Geng Ying:


"Do you see that bird? Can you shoot it down?"


"I can shoot it down without using an arrow" Geng Ying said.


After a while the bird flew near. Geng Ying pulled his bow to the full plucked the bowstring and at the sound the bird fell to the ground before their feet.


The King of Wei said in surprise:


"You can shoot down a bird without an arrow. Your skill in archery is really wonderful."


Geng Ying said:


"Your Majesty this is not due to my good skill but because this is a bird of bad luck. You can hear how sadly and shrilly it wailed and see how tiredly it flew. It was already wounded and for a long time could not find its companion. Therefore it couldn't stand the least fright. As soon as I twanged my bow it thought it had been shot and fell down of its own accord from the sky. What a pitiful bird frightened by the mere twang of a bowstring!"



One day Ji Liang went to see the King of Wei and reported:


"When I was coming here I saw a man on the road driving a horse ca币age north in great haste.


"I asked him: `Where are you going in such haste?'


"He replied: `I am going to the State of Chu.'


"I said: `If you want to go to the State of Chu you should go south. Why are you going north? You are going the wrong way!’


"He said: `My horse is big and strong. It can run as fast as flying. It doesn't matter to run a little more.'


"I told him: `Though your horse is good you are going in the wrong direction.'


"He said: `It doesn't matter. I have lots of money.'


"I told him again: `Though you have lots of money this is not the road to the State of Chu.'


"He said: `It doesn't matter. My driver is good and strong.'


"Finally I told him: `Though your driver is good and strong this is not the road to the State of Chu."


The King of Wei blurted out: "Alas this man is too obstinate. He doesn't realize that if his direction is wrong the better he is equipped the farther he would be away from his destination."



One day a clam proudly opened its shells to sun itself on the river bank. A snipe passed by the clam and stretched its bill to peck at the clam's flesh.


The clam hurriedly closed its shells and tightly grasped the snipe's bill between them. Despite all its efforts the snipe could not extricate its bill.



The clam could not get itself free to return to the river either.


Then the clam and the snipe began to quarrel.


The snipe said angrily:


"If it doesn't rain for one or two days there will be no water. And you can't return to the river then surely you will die anyway."


The clam also said angrily:


"If I don't let go of you for one or two days you won't be able to pull out your bill. Don't hope that you can live."


Neither the clam nor the snipe would give in and they kept on grappling. At this moment a fisherman came along the riverside with a fishing net. He was very glad to see the snipe and the clam at a deadlock. Without the least effort he caught them both put them into his fish basket and carried them home.



Look at the Sky from the Bottom of a Well
There is a frog. He lives in a well and he never goes out of the well. He thinks the sky is as big as the mouth of the well.
One day a crow comes to the well. He sees the frog and says “Frog let’s have a talk.”
一天, 一只乌鸦飞到井边,看见青蛙,就对它说:“青蛙,咱们聊聊吧。”
Then the frog asks “Where are you from?”
“I fly from the sky” the crow says.
The frog feels surprised and says “The sky is only as big as the mouth of the well. How do you fly from the sky?”
青蛙惊讶地说:“天空就只有这井口这么大,你怎么会从天上来? ”
The crow says “The sky is very big. You always stay in the well so you don’t know the world is big.”
The frog says “I don’t believe.”
But the crow says “You can come out and have a look by yourself.”
So the frog comes out from the well. He is very surprised. How big the world is!


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